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School Meal

We cook fresh food for children using expertise of nutritionist and create educational experiences to go with them. Together this gives your kids a connection to the foods they eat. We know how this program will help. WHATTAMEAL provides your child healthy and nutritional wholesome meal in a food grade disposable pack. The food we prepare is fresh, highly nutritious, delicious & low in fat.

If you are a parent with a busy schedule or a parent who is conscious about kids health.

About US

WHATTAMEAL was imagined by a group of people passionate about helping school going kids to grow healthy. By turning nutritious, fresh food into a fun experience.

We make breaktime easy for parents & delicious wholesome meal for children.

Our Mission

At WHATTAMEAL, Our mission is to serve fresh, nutritious food to kids to support their health & development a healthy relationship with food. Promoting healthy food to our school community. Our aim is to help parents who want their kids to grow healthy eating food.

We prepare food fresh, nutritionally balanced & deliver to schools right before breaktime.

Why WhattaMeal

Everyone's nutritional needs are different, according to age & activity level all factor what your body needs to grow. Children have demanding nutritional requirements - low caloric needs but high nutrient needs. So their food must be nutrient rich.
At WHATTAMEAL, our expert nutritionist design our nutrient targets & our chef design our recipes. Our food is packed in food grade packages which keeps food as nutrient as it is.

Hence, perfect nutrition through yummy food.




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502 Vraj Valencia, Off. Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedabad: 380060, Gujarat India